The Prisoners of War Were Too Scared To Escape Due To The Creature In The Woods Episode Images.

Dorset Creature Seen In The Park – In March of 2013 a 17 year old student by the name of Terri Leigh Cox noticed a creature bounding around the playing fields just outside her house in Dorchester, Dorset. Miss Cox contacted the local newspaper and made a report of what she saw. She stated: “It was such a shock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. It looked to be about the size of a small gorilla. It was walking like one as well, using its arms and feet. It was definitely a monkey because you could tell by its hunched back and the way it scampered across a field and up a tree. It wasn’t a black dog or an animal you would usually see.”

Mystery Animal Running From the Cat Flap

Witness Report “When I came home one night I had a really strange experience. It happened about 17 years ago now, so around 2015. I returned home late to my house which was empty and something ‘crashed’ by me as I went to open the door.

Whatever it was, it came from inside my house and left through the cat flap, which I presume is how it entered in the first place, but that was not a cat. I have no idea what this thing was, it resembled both a small tailless monkey and a dog. It was a grey black colour and was covered in hair or fur? I did see something in the paper many years later where someone close by saw a similar thing in the Park.

I have added a picture showing what this thing looked like.”

Dungeoness Images

Hi Deb, I’m still researching in the same area and I have had some really strange things happening of late. I found and photographed a number of what I believe to be prints in the snow that I thought you would want to see. As you know I like to keep where I investigate secret but I do take family there on occasion. We started camping out as it’s private land and the summer after my sighting, my brother had one too. We were both on a hike going through the massive forestry there. My brother was ahead of me a bit, when he stopped dead and just stared into the forest to his right. When I reached him I asked what caught his attention and he explained that a figure that was about 5 ½ tall had been looking out at him from behind the tree and then it quickly ducked back in.

We waited for a while in case he/she/it reappeared on the other side of the tree. I started videoing and asked my brother a few questions about what he’d seen but despite waiting for a bit the figure didn’t emerge. And there was nothing caught on the footage either. Just less than a mile further up we did find a bare foot print of a size that would fit a figure of around 5 ½ feet tall. All he saw was the dark shape of something duck behind the tree, that nothing we know in UK wildlife could explain. 

I have attached the photos that may or may not be footprints and a photo from the day my brother had his sighting, that again may be something or may be nothing.

One Night it Was a Short Dark Figure, Two Nights Later it Looked Like Slender Man 

Witness Report: “In 2011 I was away studying at University and I was living in the halls of residences which are located in a country park called Trent Park close to Enfield. The grounds of the University had its own myths and legends, ranging from ghost sightings to a supposed haul of buried treasure that was hidden back in the 14th century. I remember one night I was in a friend’s room, we were working on a project which took us late into the early hours. At around 5am the morning light was starting to break through in the sky. I took a break and had a smoke leaning out of the window which was on the second floor. The room I was in was at the back of the building which overlooked a small grass area and a gravel car park that was divided by hedges.

I remember looking down at the hedges and I saw what I believed to be a small dark figure, that was human shaped. I started to get an uneasy feeling as I felt like it was staring straight back at me. What I found strange was that it was quite light out, enough to see everything else but this figure was completely black, it had no face, no clothing etc. I thought maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me due to working overnight and me being still awake in the early hours. So to make sure I asked my friend to come and have a look out of the window at it and she also thought it was odd. We then both jumped out of our skin as the figure shot off quickly and moved off to the left.

I tried to follow where it went by looking at the hedges which you could see through as they were very brambly, but it had vanished. I should have been able to see it move through there. I didn’t understand how one minute it was there standing looking at me then the next minute it was completely gone. We both stared for a while hoping the strange dark small figure would come back or to see if we could spot it but even watching closely we saw nothing. I don’t scare easily but this freaked us both out. We sat down in the room just thinking and we were baffled by what we had seen. We tried to come up with some explanations and rationale but we couldn’t. In the end we just decided maybe it was some weirdo creeping around looking into students rooms.

This was the first encounter with this thing, but two nights later we witnessed something that was far worse, so much so it has stuck with me to this day and I have never quite got my head around it.

As I say it was just two nights later when again I was back in my friend’s room only this time it was around 1am. We were both smoking at the window when we saw it. It was behind the car park standing by the woodland area. But it wasn’t small and human shaped like the other night but instead it was now tall, ridiculously tall, skinny and all black in colour. It was walking slowly towards the woods. It had long gangly arms and long legs. I dropped my cigarette in disbelief and looked at my friend. I said “are you seeing this or am I going mad?” She just swore and was fixated on the thing. It was like that Slender-man thing but all black with no features and bigger. It wasn’t looking at us this time, it was just walking slowly towards the woods.

Within seconds it had disappeared into the woodline. We both had to sit down and question our reality and sanity. We weren’t drunk nor were we on drugs (I never have been). We thought both sightings must be linked somehow due to the short period of time between them. We found it odd that they both looked completely different. Still to this day I can’t explain the sightings, more so the second one.

I came across Deborah’s page a while back. Reading others’ stories and experiences has made me finally decide to share mine. I’m hoping I can find some answers. I’ve always been sceptical about monsters and myths, (although I have always enjoyed reading about them) however after that night it made me think, are they really out there?

Thing In Kirkhill Forest

I received a picture of a shadowy figure in July of 2022 and it was taken by a man out walking in the Kirkwell forest area. He has a friend who is a BBR investigator Keith Bolland who sent the image to me in the hopes of clearing up the matter. Sadly I was not able to determine what the image was.

Witness Report Brian: Brian asked “Is this somebody playing a prank? Could it be a man in a ghillie suit, however it would have been during the current heat wave and it’s been really warm at night, so the idea of someone dressed up hiding in the forest waiting in the hopes of someone passing by. We were out with our grandson who is only six at the time.

We were taking our dogs out for a walk, it was really warm and myself, my partner and my grandson were enjoying the walk. My grandson started to get a bit spooked and we couldn’t work out why. So much so that we didn’t try and work out what was worrying him we just left. I snapped a few pictures and I forgot about them until a few days later.

I was taking pictures as we were walking out and we wanted to get home before it was total darkness. I’m not saying there is anything in the picture, but its strange and was taken after my grandson was spooked.

A Huge Grey Scruffy Canine Seen in Milford. Nov 2021

Witness Report: “This is going to sound really crazy but I’ve seen the creature people report on the chase. I live about 1 1/2 mile from the German war cemetery and one night on my way home from a meal at a place in Milford I saw something difficult to explain. It was about 9pm around Nov 2021. It was dark as I turned off the A34 heading back across the chase home. People who know the area know the first part of the route as you drive off the A34 has lots of deer and if you are to come across one it can be really dangerous. That’s one of the so-called accident black spots. So when I drive this road I tend to stagger into the middle so if something runs out you have some kind of chance to react.

As you start to climb the hill the road is banked on both sides. Just before you start to get into the woodland on the left hand side up the bank is where I saw it. There was only what could be described as a huge dog standing there. At first glance it was grey in colour, scruffy looking but big. I mean big as a great Dane. I was doing about 45 mph and seeing it was enough for me to slam the brakes on and hit reverse fast. I said to my wife ‘did you see that’? But she said no she hadn’t. I reversed back to where it had been and when I got to the spot I tried to turn the headlights to get a view of the bank and at the top of it was this thing. Well the back of it as it was facing back to the road, so I could see its tail and rear hind legs. I’d say it was a large wolf in appearance. I also noticed mild stripes in its fur.It was totally weird. Now I’m not going to say it’s a werewolf but it was definitely not a dog, it was far too big to be just a domestic dog.”

A Beast Behind The Gate. I don’t know what that is?

I received a report through Facebook messenger and sadly the person did not give me a location or date for this experience. All I know is this happened in the UK. If your out there and you read/hear this please get in touch. 

Witness Report: “As a child I had a really strange experience that I have never understood.I was walking to my grans home, I thought about this today actually, thats why I contacted you. I was about six year old at the time. I remember leaving mum’s house to walk up a straight road.

It was around 5.30pm. I think it was winter as it was dark, there were some cars on the side of the road parked up but in the distance, just as the road bends around I looked up and a huge figure stood up suddenly from behind this gate.”

“It was not standing erect like a human, it was hunched over a tad and I stood and thought ‘oh’ and I was really afraid. What is that?! Now, for a split second I was going to continue and walk past It but I just halted, frozen to the spot and the image/figure dropped down behind the gate, I would describe it as hunching back down.”

“I thought nope!, I don’t know what that is, so I’m not going near It and I ran back home. I was rather afraid, the event left my mind for many years but that came back to me today seeing the book. I never knew what It was but I was way too young to let It affect me. I remember telling my father and uncles and they went out to see what It was but It had gone. It was real scary for a young child to see on a dark and murky night, just this weird image appearing behind the gate and then slinking back down. 

Caen Myles Shares His Experiences With The Unexplained.

In the last few weeks I have been out and about interviewing witnesses one of which is Caen and his wife Jackie. Caen has become a very good friend in a short space of time. I went down to Macclesfield to meet him to record a formal interview about his experiences. 

As usual we got an incredibly warm welcome from Caen and his beautiful wife Jackie. We were sat chatting between ourselves and the camera was running and as natural conversations do we wandered off topic talking about personal experiences. 

What you will hear next is that conversation, unedited and raw. I think this gives a really good idea of not only the work I do, but also how our chats go. I know the witness needs to feel comfortable sharing their really personal experiences with me, and also on camera. Caen as always assured me he was happy for me to share our conversation with you. During the conversation we mention several images so I have included them here for you to see. 

During the interview myself and Caen were discussing Orbs and as we did so an Orb can be seen over Caen’s shoulder.

Caen visited Buxton on 5th January 2023 and he awoke to three strange circular marks on his head “Hi Deborah, I Woke up to find 2 pin pricks on the back of my head !…They weren’t there the night before!…Strange !… I went to Derbyshire yesterday and saw 2 White Disc Shaped Objects and caught one on my phone. Caen Myles”

My husbands Triangular Scar 

The Alien within the Orb drawn by Caen “Large Orb appears in Sky near my office in Stockport with an Alien stood inside it !, it was Connected to some kind of Energy Lines which went off at at a 45 degree angle !… Caen Myles”

The tree where Caen saw the Orb with the beautiful woman. This image was taken 13/1/23 not on the day in question.  “This is the view from my work where I took pictures of the Orb with the Alien inside it !. 👽…The tree to the right is where I photographed an Orb within the branches of the tree , Inside the Orb was a Beautiful Woman !. She was wearing some kind of Crystal band around her head !..In her hand was a Diamanté Gadget , behind her a Human looking male …It was very odd to see these two Angelic Looking Aliens !…They were smiling !….Location Stockport Caen Myles

Square metallic Object seen in Stockport “Square Metallic Object over houses in Stockport , in the location where I filmed Ufo X- miles video on YouTube..C.myles

This is where I photographed the Square UFO firing a Beam across the Sky in Stockport !…It was the same as the UFO in Wales !…Caen Myles

Jackie in Wales ” Photo of Jackie in Wales near Talacre…Very Bright Light emanating from her chest ✨️….Caen Myles”

Over the coming months I will be checking in with Caen and Jackie as they share their experiences with us all.

Caen has opened a YouTube channel where he can share his images and video captures

Tik Tok

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as we did. 

A possible Rake? 2000 – It had a skeletal face, with skin that clung to it”

A recent report from my case files, this incident took place in Croyden.

Witness Report: “When I was 4-5 years old, I was staying at my grandparents home and I was going through a stressful time. I used to have many bad dreams back then when I was around that age, but one dream really stood out to me because it seemed extremely real, so much so that I’ve had dreams that were far less realistic in comparison based on this experience.

So usually at night I had a candle near my bed because I was scared of the dark. But I had woken up some time during the night and noticed that the candle was off. I don’t know why but I was feeling very uncomfortable so I hid under the covers. I was looking through the smallest crack in the quilt because I could hear some hissing sounds in my room. So I peeked out trying to find out what was going on while still trying to stay hidden.

The thing making the noise approached the bed, I think but I don’t remember the exact order of things. At some point it got so close It grabbed or touched my leg, but somehow I was able to get up on my feet. I was told by adults that If I pretend to be a superhero I could deal with monsters in bad dreams. So I shouted at it loudly ‘I’m a superHero.’ But I still felt terrified as I saw standing opposite me a creature that seemed far more detailed and physical than a dream monster normally is.

It had a skeletal face, with skin that clung to it, the skin looked thin hence why the face looked so skeletal. It had big eyes. To compare it to things I had not yet seen in movies as I had not yet seen Lord of the rings, but that’s what it looked like. It looked similar in appearance to the character Golem or some of the orcs that you see in the film. It’s not exactly the same but similar in so far as the skeletal features, the big eyes and sickly green skin. It had What looked like a flap of skin for hair similar to Jar Jar Binks or a cobra but not exactly like that either.

It had a long gangly skinny body and although it was taller than me I don’t think it was as big as say adults.And it was at that point that It jumped on me and I remember wrestling with it on the bed. The whole thing felt physical but considering a 5 year old could hold its own with it I can’t imagine it was too strong, and it may not have not been physical but it felt as if it was. I remember at one point that it bit my hand and I felt it, but I don’t think there was a mark there as I’m sure that would have been noticed in the morning.

My grandparents heard the commotion coming from my room so they came running down the hallway. Just before they arrived at the door the thing had evaporated and vanished. It left behind similar tracers to what you’d get if you had been looking at a light and turned away, so you had the shape of the thing but it was broken apart into these spots that are very similar to what you’d get if you’d look at a light bulb and look away.

I’m 25 now and this happened around the year 2000. I can’t put an exact date on it but it was when I was between 4 and 6 years old. When I went back to stay with my mum, I got visitations from these things but in a less physical form and there were 2 of them now, one would be green and the other red. They seemed similar but less physical these other times. I think they feed off fear as I was never harmed. In these dreams they only detained me. The first one stands out because of the realism of it.

I’m interested in unusual things now as I’d like to understand the world we live in better. I have a background in anthropology and so I like looking at myths from all over the world but I haven’t seen anything of the same description. I’m open to the idea that whatever these things are, they could be the type of creatures that can control their appearance , they could be Djinn or Fey or whatever. There needs to be a taxonomy of whatever beings overlap this world with ours. If they’re actually different types, or if they can just change form. Or if how they appear is due to our projection onto them. I don’t know exactly but I’d like to find out. I’ve had other odd experiences in my life but that event feels like the most significant.

Kent Police Report 27 Ewes Were Killed in an Attack

At this time of year we are usually inundated  with reports of strange animal deaths and attacks from unknown animals. Many of these mutilations and deaths are blamed on wildlife or domestic dogs. Only this week a shocking number of sheep were attacked in Kent. It was discovered that nearly 30 sheep died in what is being claimed as a suspected dog attack that is ‘among worst cases’ Kent Police have ever seen. 27 ewes were killed. The ewes, some of which were pregnant with twins or triplets, were attacked between Christmas Eve and 1pm on Boxing Day.

The ewes were found in a field near Deerton Street in Teynham, near Sittingbourne, and barking was reportedly heard in the area between 4pm and 5pm on Christmas Day although no witness was named as the source for the reported barking or whether it was a singular witness or several? A police spokesman said they believe the attack was carried out by one dog but “cannot rule out” that more dogs may have been involved. PC Marc Pennicott of the Kent Police rural task force said: “This is a distressing incident which is possibly the worst livestock attack we have ever had. The farmer has not only suffered a financial loss due to this incident but animals have needlessly lost their lives. These dogs would have been covered in mud and returned home exhausted and we are committed to identifying their owners. The remaining livestock have also been left vulnerable to a further attack, so it is extremely important that we find who is responsible for these dogs as quickly as possible.

No images of the ewes have been released and the police are keeping a tight lid on all of the details. Nobody saw the ‘dog/s’ responsible for the attack and no information regarding the scene or any wound patterns have been discussed. I wonder if a DNA swab of the wounds were taken? Dog attacks on livestock cost the farming sector £50K in 2021, Quoted by the National Sheep Association 67% more attacks were reported during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sheepwatch UK says most attacks take place between January and March during peak lambing season. On average, four sheep are killed per dog attack, though some farmers lose 30-40 sheep in single incidents. With large Cat reports are dramatically on the increase along with the re-wilding Wolf project there may be more than just a domestic dog that is attacking these sheep. In some cases in Scotland the fleece had been removed from the ewes by ‘hand’ and the bones were ‘crunched’ by an unknown predator.

There are other cases like this in the UK, every year on average around 15000 sheep are reported to be killed by dogs. I will be discussing those cases in my next podcast. Not only do we get cases like this each year, there has also been an increase in local pets disappearing all across the UK. And in one Scottish town a woman’s death was blamed on Badgers and Foxes. There are so many cases now across the globe where people and animals are being found in really unusual circumstances and the authorities either do not investigate but also they are mostly explained away by stray or domestic dogs.

There Was Something Moving Out on the Bunds. Quarry Workers Disturbed at Work

As many of our regular listeners will know that Quarries and strange experiences go hand in hand. This report came into me on 16/12/22 and was reported by a man who works at a local quarry.

Adam: “I work at a quarry in Leicestershire and at work the other day myself and a colleague had an odd experience during the morning. We had gone to check one of the big pumps down one of the old dug holes. When we got there it was about 4am. Although this is routine that day we were an hour early as we would normally arrive around 5am.  

It was pitch black down there and we had trouble starting the pump but eventually we got it started. So we spent a lot longer down there than we normally would. On a normal day we would do a quick two minute check then get onto the next job.    

Everything was pretty quiet but while we were down there we could hear something climbing up the bunds that are rocky embankments and are situated at the edge of the quarry. We just thought it was a munkjac deer jumping around out there. All the while we were trying to start the pump we could hear small stones being tossed around us. They were not thrown violently more like you throw when you chuck someone their keys.

We heard at least 5/6 stones land near us. Then we heard something moving around on one of the bunds again. This happened about 6 times until we got the pump started then got back in the 4×4.  

It was too dark to see anything out there and the head torch we have on our helmets was not a lot of use for seeing into the distance.”  

A Wild Camper Sees A Beast in the Night – What Stalks the Berwyn Mountain Range.

When the light grows dim and your set for bed, why not listen to a spooky tale or two. I would like to share with you the mystery Creature sightings that take place in the Berwyn mountains of Wales. Since 2007 several visitors and locals to the area have reported a strange Creature that is black and hairy that stalks the woodlands areas frequented by hikers, holiday makers and campers alike. I wonder if they know just how many people have seen the creature for themselves? 

The Berwyn range is an isolated and sparsely populated area of moorland in the northeast of Wales, roughly bounded by Llangollen in the northeast, Corwen in the northwest, Bala in the southwest, and Oswestry in the southeast.

I received a report a few years ago from a lady who had moved onto a new property in the Llangollen area. This is what she had to say.

It was Jet Black and looked like a Giant Wolf, Llangollen 2019 – Witness Report: “I live in north Wales in the mountains not far from Llangollen, This is a new home for us and we have lived for almost a year now in a very old house that no one has lived in for thirty years which is built in between two old yew trees. I am a herbalist so I grow and forage almost daily. I love the woods and going out foraging ect and have always felt at home out and about in the wilderness.

A few days after clearing the space for the polytunnel we had a bonfire to get rid of all the brash. It was damp so the fire made a lot of smoke until it eventually got going and burnt itself down, it was getting dark and I needed to put the tea on so I left my partner to keep an eye on the fire and off I went, a good twenty minutes later he came running into the house saying ‘something’ was sliding down the bank towards him but he couldn’t see a thing, he could hear it and could tell it was getting nearer and nearer and he was really genuinely scared as he couldn’t see anything.

It was not too long after this that I finally saw the Creature.

I was walking my dog in the late afternoon at the beginning of October 2019. I had decided to go down to the river which has a small wooden bridge across it that’s not far from our cottage. I got to where there is a big oak tree on the bank that looks down into a ravine. As I looked down towards the bridge I could see something a figure of some kind that was ‘big and black’ and it was coming down that path fast as it was running towards the bridge from the direction of the old farm.

I actually thought oh shit because as ‘it’ got nearer it became clear to me that what I was looking at was Jet Black and looked like a Giant Wolf, but it was walking upright on two legs like a human. It had big broad shoulders and arms, ‘it’ had a thin waist compared to the rest of the body. I cannot say that ‘it’ had canine legs or front facing knees but ‘it’ was definitely upright just like a human would be. ‘It’ stopped at the end of the path and was just heaving its chest like ‘it was heavily breathing. It was just waiting there till ‘it’ got ‘its’ breath back and for a few seconds I just stared at it in disbelief and then all of a sudden it was gone.

There have been other strange experiences at the house and on the land. Without this lady’s knowledge I had taken a report from a well known wild camper in the same area in 2017. This chap spends most of his free time riding, hiking or camping all across the UK. Like our previous witness he is well versed in the natural noises you hear from wildlife. 

Wildcamper Sees A Bear-like Creature 2017 – The wild camper known to me as Mikey contacted me after he had seen a creature he could not identify in the Llangollen area also in 2017. Mikey told me he himself was certain that he had seen the same Bear-like creature seen in the area when he was wild camping. He explained that he saw a large bodied, haired covered creature which was close to his camp and it moved off into the brush when it got close. 

Now this area is known for its big cat sightings and Mikey himself has seen cats in the area, one time he was being stalked by a big cat, in turn he stalked that cat the day after. But he could not identify the creature he saw in 2017.

Ten years earlier in 2007 another local to the area contacted the fortean society and made this report.

The HorseShoe Pass Standing Bear 2007 – Witness Report: “The other night two of my friends were driving home over the Horseshoe Pass towards Ruthin 1 mile past the Ponderosa cafe, they noticed an owl on the side of the road and stopped for a while, then as they were accelerating away they saw what they described to me as a “Bear with long forearms and walking on all fours” that came out of the hedge on the right hand side of the road. They said it was as tall as me when it stood up on its hind legs. I’m not convinced with sightings like this but they were absolutely adamant it was a bear. 

They went around the area asking people if they had strange pets which had got loose somehow. I thought they might have just seen a cow or a black sheep but they said it was at least 6 foot tall, both of them saw it, and I was wondering if there have been any other sightings of such a creature around these areas, in specific I would like to know if any farmers have had large amounts of livestock go missing. There is a big forest on the right of this road on the side of the hill so maybe it could live in there, also the owl is significant, maybe the animal was trying to capture it for food. 

One BBR Listener and Member made their own report after wild camping in the area between the Bear sightings. 

Askew Growls 5/7/17 – Witness Report: “I had an interesting trip to Askew woods N.Wales last night with my son and the dogs. Our intention was to stay till morning and we had made a camp and we sat enjoying the night. It was a perfectly still night great for listening to movements or anyone moving around, you can hear the night sounds around you, all still and silent. But as it grew darker, we started to hear a strange growling noise that kept happening over and over, at one point the dogs were so spooked they jumped up and started barking and ran in the general direction of the noises. This continued for the next hour by which time it was 23.00hrs and we decided to break camp and go home. We were both a bit spooked to be honest and realised we probably were not going to get any sleep. Just as we were leaving we heard the growling really close by behind us.

I did notice when we had set up camp, a few structures and tree leans, that did not seem weather related? I chose this area because it is only a couple of miles away from Llangollen/ Horseshoe pass area and Llangollen bear sightings.”

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