Bigfoot Creature Seen by Airman 1972

In the spring of 1974 Edwards AFB security policeman, Sgt. Michael House was on night patrol on the outskirts of the powerful communications site which maintains radio contact with other military installations around the globe. Sergeant House was patrolling in the area of the abandoned sled track, once used for testing G forces when he saw it.” Here is the report in his own words.

Sgt M House: “I’d gotten a new spotlight and was trying it out. Heading back to the main base, I noticed maybe 200-300 yards to my left, these large blue eyes. I do a lot of night hunting and it was strange – the eyes were larger than anything I’d ever seen before. Their diameter had to be about four inches apart and seven feet off the ground. I stopped the truck and sat there watching them. It was too dark to see any body-shape to the thing. The blue glows came toward my truck at the right angle for about 100 yards and then stopped.”

The hair bristled on the back of my neck as the larger-than-human “eyes” began circling and again moving closer to the vehicle. A rank smell like something rotten permeated the air. The thing moved closer again, now coming within 50 yards of the truck, but still its shape could not be discerned through the brush in the desert.”

Just at that moment the truck radio advised Sergeant House that he should proceed directly back to the main base and he quickly left the area. He returned three hours later but there was no trace of the “blue eyes.” Rain washed out the possibility of locating any tracks the following day.

Sgt House recalled “The movement of the eyes was extremely fast,”. “Another thing that bothered me was that the eyes didn’t bob up and down. It was like two lights on a wire moving from one point to another.” He was ribbed a good deal while making out this official report on the incident, which was to set the standard of non-reporting from other patrols that encountered strange things in subsequent months. The Commanding Officer wanted to believe these men were simply overly imaginative. After all, the desert could produce some eerie effects at night and reports of fantastic creatures in and around restricted areas didn’t look good in the official log.

“You’re only hearing the wind,” he told the men staffing the MARS Station on the midnight shift who said they’d been hearing some unusual sounds as well as seeing the dark form of “something” walk past a building – a figure which would have had to be almost 8 ft tall to be seen through the high windows (something which stepped on and pulverised a glass soda-pop bottle in its path). If there were official investigations by the OSI, the men on patrol seldom heard the outcome unless there was some natural explanation. Thus they wondered about the rumor circulating that three men on duty at a complex near the bombing range had called in for help. As the story went, -when the patrol arrived, they found the security guards unconscious. The door leading into the building was ripped off its hinges and the sophisticated electronic equipment within had been demolished. This account was told to an air policeman by a member of the patrol investigating that call for help.

The Rocket Propulsion Lab lies on the eastern edge of Edward’s AFB, and utilises a vast area of the facility. It contains installations ranging from gigantic multi million-pound-thrust rocket stands to smaller, highly specialised test equipment which can capture and instantaneously analyse the exhaust gas produced by a rocket engine. It is here that rockets and similar hardware are tested for the study of propulsion equipment under conditions of long term exposure to the environment. It is also here that weapon systems are developed and tested. Certain areas are off limits to civilians and signs warn to keep out of the potentially toxic areas.

Air Police Sergeant Barton had an open mind about “creatures.” His relatives in Missouri had seen and shot at the mammoth Bigfoot-like monster known as “Momo” and though he trusted their accounts of the incident, he also realised the doubt and ridicule they were subjected to when they talked about it. As a result, no formal report was made to the Air Security Police concerning what happened in the winter of 1974 while Barton was on patrol in the vicinity of the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory and the strange blue lights he saw in the nearby mountains.

Assuming the lights to be from a car, Barton drove toward them in order to intercept any unauthorised trespassers. The lights vanished when he arrived at the site where he had last seen them, but now he found his vehicle mired in the soft desert sand. Walking approximately two miles back to base, the sergeant intercepted a patrol and they radioed for a tow truck. When the truck arrived and everyone returned to the Sergeant’s vehicle, they found 3-toed tracks measuring 14 inches long with what appeared to be a clawed digit at the heel. The wind was blowing soft sand and the footprints were filling in rapidly, making any precise identifications difficult. But whatever “it” was that left the tracks had completely circled the truck as if inspecting it and then walked off on two legs into the desert.

Three weeks later and also on patrol, Air Patrol Sergeant Jones was parked in the region of the rocket site. It was close to midnight. The moon was up when suddenly Jones noticed a shape moving across the skyline of a nearby hill. While he couldn’t estimate its height, the trunk area or girth was described as “immense.” The Sergeant quickly grabbed his radio microphone and called HQ. “Tell the replacement to hurry up! I might need some help!” he urged.

As Jones looked back again to the hill, two large luminescent green-blue orbs, “like eyes” were moving towards him. “They didn’t really seem to me like they were bouncing the way a person would when walking. “They kind of floated or were moving on an easy glide.”

Car lights appeared down the road and the patrolman lost no time in getting out of his truck and walking to meet the vehicle. At that moment he was extremely grateful that the men had responded so quickly to his call for help, but that wasn’t actually so. The other vehicle had been ordered into the area in response to a report about strange lights being observed in the hills. Yet no unauthorised cars had been located and now the glowing eyes had disappeared. All that remained in the vicinity were unusual marks on the ground., The two rounded depressions measured six inches and two inches in diameter respectively. There were foot tracks as well. “They were all over the place,” Jones said. “There were so many of them that I couldn’t follow any trail.”

Barton, who had found tracks around his truck a few weeks earlier, said “they were similar to what he had seen. The other man on the patrol didn’t get out of the car. He said he didn’t want anything to do with it.”

The Security Guard Who Loved His Job 

My dad had a weird experience once when he was in his early 20s. He had an office job in a building in the city. The building had five stories and his office was on the fourth. He had just got a promotion when this incident happened and unfortunately he had to stay late a lot of nights to finish up his work.

One evening, he was staying late and finally finished his work around 11:00 p.m. He locked up the office, headed downstairs, said goodbye to the security guard and left. The next day, he came in and found out the building had been broken into. The police took my dad aside and began questioning him. He told them about staying late and how he definitely locked up and everything. Then my dad asked about the security guard and where the guard was at during all this.

The cop gave him a strange look and then went and got my dad’s boss, who came over and asked my dad what he was talking about. The cop asked the boss if the building had a security guard and the boss shook his head and said that they used to, but the security guard had died a week ago and they hadn’t hired another one yet. My dad was understandably shocked by this. He had definitely spoken to the very real guard who had worked there for years. He didn’t even know the guard had died. Nobody had informed him yet.

Also, the person who had broken in ended up being a disgruntled former employee who had been fired a couple of months prior. He told the police that he chose that particular time to break in because he knew the security guard had just passed away, so it would be easy to just break in without worrying about being apprehended. Again, my dad said the guard was very real looking. Not hazy in any way. The guard looked how he always looked and seemed genuinely content.

Romford Red Eyed Thing and a Werewolf in Crewe

Large Hunched Figures and Red Eyes in the night 1980’s The Romford Red Eyed Creature – Hello Deborah I just stumbled across your fabulous YouTube channel and I have been listening to some of the accounts you have shared and it made me realise I too have experienced what I think my be some of the cryptid creatures we have here in the UK. I live in Essex and I love being out in nature, infact my whole life to date has been entwined with Mother Earth and the Greenman and our early beliefs here in the UK.  I have seen some strange stuff out there over the years when out in the woods or fields.

There is an area around Lambourne End and Abridge where it’s still very rural, but it was even quieter 30+ years ago, back when I was a teen-ager. There wasn’t a lot to do at night and on the weekends, so we would meet up and go out for drives on whatever vehicle you could get hold of parents permitting.  We used to go out for a drive around looking for your friends or just wasting hours around the lanes and back again and we would do this quite a bit. One night I was on the back of my mate’s motorbike, we were coming back down Hoe lane from Abridge toward Lambourne End. He was a safe rider and was taking his time, especially with me on pillion. He leaned back at one point and said to me “did you see that?” I replied “no I haven’t seen anything”, and I asked what he’d spotted. Instead of answering, he said “hang on” and opened the bike up. .Really speeding down the lane. Which was totally unusual for him. We didn’t slow down until we got to my house. I was a bit surprised, and asked him what on earth was going on. He said he’d seen something big and very black, just a huge dark lump with bright eyes that reflected in the headlight, it was on the field edge to our left. As we got close “it” changed stance and dropped down kind of to the road edge, but kept itself hidden behind the hedge – It’s eyes and the size of this “thing” are what stood out to him the most. He said it was huge, and what bothered him more than anything was it moved toward us and not away from us, thats why he sped off on the bike, we never did find out what it was that he had seen but I still remember everything about that night and how worried and shook up my friend was.

A few years later that night came up in conversation with another friend and he told me about a night he was out in his mini, which was fitted with rally spotlights on the front, the car was kitted out ,headlights and the whole lot, He was driving up the same lane toward Abridge. He explained something huge and darker than the night crossed the road ahead of him. He couldn’t make it out clearly and his lights didn’t quite reach the figure to illuminate it, but as he drove passed the spot it was standing he saw eyes looking at him in the hedge.

Strangely and to add to the mystery this “thing” was seen again, it was around the same time, and another group of friends were staying in a nearby field they had camped in a few buses just off of Hook Lane. They said one night when it was dark and they were getting ready to turn in for the night they all heard a massive skidding of brakes and thought a car had crashed in the lane. So they rushed out and went down to the lane to look, they reached the area just as a car screeched off. In the car lights and silhouetted standing by the field gate was what they described as”a huge black shape that was as wide as ‘two big blokes put together’ and about 7 feet tall.

I found it interesting that three local folk that I knew had experiences down there – I wonder how many others have too. Funnily enough, I’m 50 now, and I still don’t like driving down Hoe Lane. I go the long way round every-time!

As this sighting is very close to Epping Forest and one in a long line of sightings that runs down to Orpington in Kent. There are far too many for me to include here. I will bring these to you at a later date, they include a land lady who saw a hairy, two legged creature climb over the wall of her pub one day. She did report the encounter to the police, A grandmother who remembers a picnic date with a young man that ended badly due to a werewolf type creature watching them from the trees, horses and animals attacked and clawed and all manor of strange happenings. Young boys with missing time and an invisible predator who chased them from the woods. And the Cator Park Wild thing.

The Crewe Werewolf – Deborah I wanted to tell you about something I had forgotten about until I watched one of your uploads the other day. When I was about 20 years old I got asked to help move a couch and a wardrobe from a house in Crewe to the new owners address. This house was one of a few that had been built encroaching into the unoccupied fields at the time. It was out in the middle of nowhere.

We eventually got the stuff loaded up on the van and ready to go when the man who we were helping asked me if I believed in Werewolves. I was a bit taken a back as it was so random, he then proceeded to say that a werewolf watches this house at night and lots of people had seen it. He said it was the talk in the local pub shops etc Its not like that now down there sadly, its all new build houses everywhere.

When I looked at the map to add this report I realised there could be a possible connection to the Delamere Forest as we have a number of Bipedal Canines in the area. Stretching all the way to Ellesmere Port. Delamere Forest did used to cover this entire area. There are estuaries and fields and farms stocked with live stock and food. It would make an ideal area for anything trying to hide out.

Sightings along this route include. A Female Upright Wolf in the Cheshire Area, who watched a young man in his room, he got up after feeling watched to see her in the tree line watching him from the wood. There are a number of Werewolf Reports on the Satellite trail at Delamere Forest along with a number of Wolf and upright Wolf reports in the Forest itself. A line of reports stretch from Crewe all the way to Ellesmere port heading North West. A Dark Crawling Road Crossing Creature was seen at Tatton, it belly crawled across the road in front of a waiting motorist. A Creature the size of a Horse was seen by a van driver in the early hours between Risley and Birchwood, the thing looked like a dog but was huge like a pony, it moved so fast and so fluid I couldn’t believe it. The Blacker than the night Wolf at Ellesmere was seen by a young boy and his Grand parents, the Grandmother also saw it close to her works one day when she was on a break.. These are not the only strange reports in the area, there are so many more.

The large black Dog on Ince Lane. Late 80’s – When I was around my middle teens we all decided to go and meet a friend of a friend who lived in a place called Ince close Ellemere port and Elton. We had to walk up a rarely used lane used mainly for smalls cars heading into Ince we would eventually meet up with this friend at some point along this road. We finally met up and just wandered around the area.

We were all talking about kids stuff when I asked if we could walk up a lane that was about 20 yrds to our right heading into nowhere as it was all old limestone walls going for miles when this lad  we had met said you don’t want to go up there. I’d stay well away from there if I was you. We obviously asked why and he told us there is a huge big black wolf dog over there and if you dont believe me ask my dad because he has seen it. We decided not to go up that way and eventually ended up going back home.

There are lots of local stories like these that we are not privy too until someone shares their event or contacts someone on line. There are tales of large Cats, Bone Crunching critters that kill livestock but are never seen, ape like men hiding in woodlands, Dogmen stalking the cemeteries and lanes like the shucks of old. Each region has its tales hidden until shared. Hopefully we will hear more and more of these stories as time roles on, it would be a shame for them to go into obscurity. 

A Strange Series of Clicks, Spring 2021

Witness Report: “Witness Report: “Hi, I should start by saying although I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my life I always try to rationalise them and I would say I deal in fact. I have lived rurally all my life, I have camped & hiked for over 20 yrs. I’ve had plenty of creepy experiences but none compare to my experience a few weeks ago when I visited the woods. I’ve locked all the doors because of that event and all locked up all the rooms. The woods have not been the same for me since this happened.

I had argued with my partner, and I left to go for a walk to calm down. We live in a very rural area, it’s heavily wooded, extremely steep, and it is made up of mostly old woodlands that can’t be felled due to preservation laws. It’s a lonely place on its own along the coast and It’s basically way too steep for anyone or anything to climb it. The land is beautiful and filled with streams, caves, and rocks. I love the woods, the solitude of them, it’s always made me happy and calm, like everything will be ok. It’s my go to place with my dog. I love this area, I have taken so many walks here over the years. I know it, like I know my own hand.

I’ve camped on Dartmoor and Exmoor and even hunted for the beast. I taught my children how to survive in the woods and passed on all the things I know. Now I can not do that, the woods have a different feel to me now.

I should explain that my dog will NEVER leave my side, she’s got separation issues, so if I leave, she leaves with me, whatever she can do to get to me she will. I cannot stress that enough. This night I walked off to chill out with my dog and I expected her to follow as usual. She wouldn’t come. This is a dog who has physically injured herself to get through a gate etc to get to me. But that night she stayed at the gate whining. I have to say at that point I was pretty hurt, thinking great even my dog won’t come out with me. I started up the road thinking she would come along behind but she never did. That is not her usual behaviour. She never passes up a chance to get out or go on a deer chase.

I walked the road a few bends up, and I stopped to catch my breath. I felt kind of odd? I can’t explain it really so I shook it off as ‘It was because I had no dog with me. I walked a bit more up the lane and I just had this terrible feeling come over me really quickly. I felt like I was not alone. It’s hard to describe but I heard sounds and movement above me. You have to understand that this old road runs through a very steep Wooded area, and it was late at night and very dark. As I was standing there frozen I heard a very loud series of “clicks” . They were extremely loud. Like nothing I have ever heard. It was like when a person makes clicks with their mouth, I can’t explain it. There was a distinct pattern to it.

I heard four loud clicks from above me, one after the other, like in a line, Then one sounded below me on the other side of the road going down to the valley. They were so close, so loud, the only way I can describe it was a very deep fear set in at that point. I felt surrounded. It was terrifying. I could see nothing in the dark but I knew I had to get out of there. I felt like I had interrupted something. Like I had walked into a situation and I was not welcome.

I ran back down the road and got home as fast as I could. I told my partner and we locked all the doors. I know this patch of wood is a game trail. I can’t walk anywhere without bumping into a deer. But what I heard was not a deer. I will no longer walk at night even if someone comes with me. The sense of threat has terrified me. I no longer feel like the woods I love are safe at night.”

I spoke with our witness on the phone at length. She asked me if ‘they’ would come to the house. She stressed that she had no idea what ‘they’ were, that’s just how she phrased it. I explained that I felt she had walked into a situation without realising as the dog was clearly picking up on something that kept her in that night. We just don’t know what made the clicking noise or why. Sadly this lady has sold up and moved back to town. This incident has robbed her of her freedom and the wild places she loves. 

I understand completely how that feels, before my incident I was very confident in natural settings, the woods and parks were my playground. Iv fished almost every river in England and visited the woodlands along the way. Yet after seeing my ‘manape’ that all stopped for me. It took me over 30 yrs to get back out there and learn to love the woods again. Nature has been my greatest love and my hardest battle at times. 

I’d Say It Was About 6ft from Head to Tail and about 4ft From the Ground to its Eyes

Hartshead pike in Ashton under Lyne is where I had my encounter with a Dogman Creature. This place is full of dark history like the moors murderers, and the tales of Boggarts and Fae. I tend to stay away from that area if I’m honest. It’s said by locals that the place is full of witchcraft/ devil worship events. I don’t mind sharing what happened that night. It was a few years ago now and I was walking on Mosley road near the lane that leads up to the pike when something caught my eye in the field. I looked closely and there was a creature crouching there down on all fours. 

At first I thought it was an ordinary large dog, then I realised this dog had red eyes and it was just crouching there looking at me. I was completely shocked and I look back at it trying to work out what it was. Those few minutes I was standing there felt like a lifetime. I thought to myself ‘right Jonny just keep on walking and act normal. So I did exactly what my gut was telling me to do, when I looked back the creature was gone, like it was never even there. 

If I had to describe what it looked like. I’d say it was about 6ft from head to tail in length and about 4ft from the ground to its eyes. Back before this happened I never believed in stuff like this until my encounter. It’s hard to believe that Manchester is only about 15 min drive away from here. I believe what I saw that day was a type 3 variant-2 dogman. Jonny did send me an image that is a very close depiction of the creature he saw. 

There are other strange reports from the area that include a strange donut-shaped craft that hovered over the pike and was witnessed by three children from the same family. There is also a Dogman account at Uppermill on the other side of town where a man was shadowed by a huge Werewolf like Creature as he was walking home late at night, this event happened around 1993 and he described the event as “The first thing that happened was I was certain I was being followed and then I heard something really strange. It was a howl, whatever I had felt following me made that howl, this thing was keeping pace with me but I couldn’t see it at first. I stopped and looked over and I saw something big and very dark, this thing was making a lot of noise now. As I quickened my pace this ‘thing’ stayed exactly the same distance away from me. I didn’t know what to do.  It looked to be around 7ft tall and ‘it’ was very well built, the head on this ‘thing’ was similar to a German shepherd Dog. ‘It’ was on 2 legs standing upright”. 

A Beast Behind The Gate. I don’t know what that is?

I received a report through Facebook messenger and sadly the person did not give me a location or date for this experience. All I know is this happened in the UK. If you’re out there and you read/hear this please get in touch. 

Witness Report: “As a child I had a really strange experience that I have never understood. I was walking to my gran’s home, I thought about this today actually, that’s why I contacted you. I was about six year old at the time. I remember leaving mum’s house to walk up a straight road. It was around 5.30pm. I think it was winter as it was dark, there were some cars on the side of the road that were parked up but in the distance, just as the road bends around I looked up and saw a huge figure standing up suddenly from behind this gate.”

“It was not standing erect like a human, it was hunched over a tad and I stood and thought ‘oh’ and I was really afraid. What is that?! Now, for a split second I was going to continue and walk past It but I just halted, frozen to the spot and the image/figure dropped down behind the gate, I would describe it as hunching back down.”

“I thought nope!, I don’t know what that is, so I’m not going near It and I ran back home. I was rather afraid, the event left my mind for many years but that came back to me today seeing the book. I never knew what It was but I was way too young to let It affect me. I remember telling my father and uncles and they went out to see what It was but It had gone. It was really scary for a young child to see on a dark and murky night, just this weird image appearing behind the gate and then slinking back down. 

It was 9ft tall, or it was up in a tree. The Crime Lake Creature.

In the village of Woodhouses, just outside Failsworth there is a ghost known to locals who is sometimes called the ‘Crime Lake Boggart’, or ‘Peggy’s Lantern’ as it is sometimes called. It is thought the legend came about as a result of flooding caused by a canal culvert blocking the Crime Valley, and this is how Crime Lake was formed in 1795. It is said there are two cottages set beneath the murky depths of the water.

The river Medlock runs through this area, and this is one of the Rivers that join the River Irwell around Manchester city centre. The river Irwell is one area that has a high number of strange wildman reports. And a large number of missing males as does the River Medlock itself.

Peggy’s lantern was a name well known by our first witness. Peggy is a local tale, told to children who dare to visit the crime lake area at night. Claire, who grew up in the area, would play there with others and the children would hear things moving around in the woodland. Many years later in her teens Claire had an experience she has never forgotten.

Close to Crime lake and the Daisy Nook nature reserve there is a small public house. No longer used as a pub, the building remains the same. I met up with Claire in the Daisy nook cafe with some members of the WHIT. We chatted about mutual experiences and when Claire was comfortable we discussed the event that still puzzles her to this day.

The Loud Guttural Roar at Crime Lake. “It was like a lion’s roar, a very deep baritone roar” – Claire “As a child we used to come down here to play, we would often hear strange noises in the bushes and we just put it down to the local legend of Peg ‘O’ Lantern. You would hear noises and stuff but we would all think it was just kids trying to scare us. If you played near the canal you would hear the bell ring or see the lantern and we would all run for home. There would sometimes be rustling and sounds of movement in the woods there, but nothing you could see or make out. 

When I was around 19 I was on a date with a lad that I was seeing and we went to the pub that has the little phone box next to it. It was called the Crime View at the time. Now it’s an Italian restaurant. If I remember correctly I had maybe half a larger and we had been playing pool. We left the pub and walked a little ways down the road from the pub. We are both standing there just chatting on the pavement close to the trees. 

From nowhere came this mighty ‘roar’. I don’t know how to describe it, it wasn’t a growl or a roar, more a mixture of the two. It was nothing that myself or the lad recognised. It wasn’t your usual wildlife, it wasn’t a fox or a deer or anything like that. The ‘roar’ was coming from a place on level with us, but the land has a steep embankment here. So whatever growled was either really, really tall or it was in one of the trees close to us. I can’t describe just how deep this roar was. It was like a lion’s roar, a very deep baritone roar. It was so shocking.

We both just froze to the spot, and I turned to the lad and asked him, “did you hear that”?  and he said “that big roar, yes I did”? At this point he suggested we go and wait in the old phone box and call my Dad to come and get us. As I was ringing my dad we were both holding onto the small glass partitions on the box in the hope of keeping the door shut, tight. 

For all we didn’t see anything that could have made that roar, it was so deep and so loud it had to be close. I have asked myself over the years if we really did hear it, and I know we did. People have asked me if it was just a person, or a sick animal. Iv never heard anything like that roar before or since. It was a deep guttural ‘raaaaaaaah’. I have tried to recreate it over the years but I can’t. 

The slope on the embankment is really steep and it could not have been a person from the pub or any human playing a prank. When I got home I told my mum and dad what had happened and my dad said ‘don’t worry about that, it’s probably nothing, but he did say not to go there again at night. I remember gripping that phone box door and holding on tight which is pretty impossible to do, waiting for my dad to arrive and pick us up”

At this point I asked our witness to tell me some more about the experiences she had close by when she was a child. I wanted to know if the rustling noises she heard playing as a child had any connection to the experience close to the pub. She explained:

If my parents had known I was playing down near Crime lake at night I would have been in big trouble. One particular day I remember there was a group of us, a mix of girls and lads. I was about 10 yrs old then and we were all hearing these large rustling noises coming from the trees close to the path and behind the fence. It was dark in there as there wasn’t much light within the trees. It was just this one noise and we all set off running like rockets. All we could think about was the legend of Peggy and that she was coming to get us. I know most towns have a legend that scares kids and Peggy Lantern was the one we heard about the most back then. I did tell my parents what happened and I was grounded for being down near Crime lake at night.”

It was lovely meeting up with the witness at Daisy nook, we were able to sit in the cafe and have a cuppa while we chatted about similar events we had as children. Claire remembered being very small and asking her mum to move the ‘raggedy witch’ which would be crouched under the unit in her bedroom at night. “Mum would come in and remove her, and then I could settle down and sleep. I remember playing ‘dead’ under the covers so the things in my room would leave me alone.” 

I think like many of us our witness has had a lifetime of strange events, and these experiences run in families as we know. I chatted with Claire’s daughter about an event she remembers when at night in her room at home something would gently tuck her hair behind her ear, in what at first was a frightening experience that over time became less scary and almost comforting? 

Haunted House on Old Sorcery Lane, Lees

The most haunted road in the village of Lees was Church Street, formerly known by the suggestive name of Sorcery Lane. It was a short street but had two different and terrifying spirits. One of the old dwellings acquired the name of ‘Boggart House’, in consequence of it being haunted by a hobgoblin which had the appearance of a calf, some said with a cap on its head, and others a frill around its neck.’ A woman meanwhile.

In the same street, had murdered two children in her cellar and the restless ghosts of these poor children flitted up and down the road for all to view.”

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