The Ghosts of Gedling Woods, White Hounds & Ghostly Screams –

Gedling Woods were originally part of the ancient Sherwood Forest, home to Robin Hood. However, today Gedling Woods is but a fraction of its original size, and is a nature reserve close to Shearing Hill.

There is full public access to Gedling Woods and it is a very popular destination for dog walkers and hikers. Most people have no idea of the many hauntings associated with it. There have been many reported cases of paranormal activity over the centuries, including a ghostly nun and also of a White Lady – both of which have been seen to glide along the many tracks which criss-cross the woodland.

Both of these hauntings are not known by name and do not seem to notice the living.

The most infamous haunting at Gedling Woods though is a haunting which has no visual aspect to it, only an audio aspect – that of disembodied screaming. This horrific screaming has been reported several times but when people investigate (assuming a human being is in trouble) they find nothing. It is not known if this screaming is linked to either of the other two known hauntings, either the ghostly nun or White lady, but many people have reported hearing this horrific, blood curdling screaming ring out across the woodland.

In the daytime it is a peaceful little oasis of calm, but as darkness falls it becomes a more sinister place. There are reports of a spirit hound who appears suddenly in the woods, sometimes it is said to have glowing red eyes, and sometimes it is seen dripping in blood as if returning from a recent kill.

Gedling Woods, Ghostly White Dog – Liz Mitchell 26/08/2018  “My aunt reckons she saw the white dog of Gedling that people talk about last night and it looked straight at her and she is now saying it shook her up so much she won’t walk there again. I remember hearing about the ghostly white dog that was meant to be in the woods? It’s always described as a white dog. I  remember kids telling that story about Gedling woodland and the haunted hound’s from school

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Ponies Killed and Savagely Attacked by Unknown Animals.

Warning Sensitive Images. A worried horse owner has reached out through facebook in the hopes of solving the mystery that occurred on her farm when several of her ponies were attacked, sadly some were killed by an unknown predator.

The gruesome attack happened on the 8th September 2021 in the Mynyddygarreg / Four Roads area. The devastated owner wrote
I am absolutely devastated to be writing this. Two nights ago our beautiful Shetlands were attacked during the night. Two have survived but sadly the other 5 were found dead.

Two of the five were found head first deep in the hedge. One with lacerations to her back legs. Another mare has had her mane & tail ripped out and left scattered around her. The fourth had her stomach ripped open & the fifth has a small laceration on her stifle & bleeding from her mouth.

I’m heartbroken beyond words and can’t believe what’s happened.

I’ve asked a number of people to come and help me figure out what has happened (including my vet) and it appears a dog or some sort of animal has done this. If anyone else has experienced this in the area recently please let me know and maybe we can help each other figure out what it is that’s doing this.

Police & RSPCA have been informed.

This isn’t a post I thought I would ever need to share and don’t ever want to wake up to the scenes I found yesterday morning again.
Please let me know if you have any info.

The Glenferness Hairy Arm. “It had grabbed Mel at the waist hip area” – “I Saw it Walk in Front of my Van”

Scotland is one of the UK’s most visited places. Tourists travel from all corners of the world to feast their eyes on the stunning scenery and old world charm. Vistas of Mountains and Lakes, Woodlands and Heather Heaths. You will hear tales as old as time of wee folk and strange lake monsters. But would it surprise you to know that Scotland has her fair share of Bigfoot Reports. From the east coast to the west there are reports of hairy, upright walking giants. Some of the reports are as old as time. Yet there are some very modern day reports.The Glenferness Hand – Witness Report: “It was late August 2014 and myself and my partner Mel were on holiday in Scotland. We had rented a C19th log cabin on the Glenferness Estate  The cabin is  right at the top of a steep winding footpath down to the River Findhorn. A beautiful site.

The days had great weather and we would walk down the footpath steps, past an ancient pettish stone to a narrow parapet-like path that began around halfway down the Findhorn steep gorge cliffs and stretched for quite a distance.  

A short way along this path was a wrought iron bench, like a garden bench. It was rusted and must also have been C19th. It was hot and we decided to sit for a while. Soon after we sat down next to each other we both jumped up simultaneously. ‘What was that!’ we both seemed to shout this or something similar out simultaneously and it was gone. We were both looking down at the bench. Behind it was the sheer crag rock face of the cliff. (how big approx.?)

Something had sprung out between us and grabbed Mel on the hip before disappearing back again. We both shared what we had seen in the split second of the experience:

It had grabbed Mel at the waist hip area, she felt the pressure of a large hand that had tried to pull or grab her body. Mel jumped up with fright from the iron bench. At first, she thought it was my hand, but I also had jumped up at the same time at what I had seen. 

A hand, like that of an ape. It had brownish red hair with pointed fingers. Human sized. There and then gone in an instant. It came from the cliff edge but there were no openings or fissures, holes, gaps. It was solid stone (granite maybe). 

Mel also had seen a quick glimpse of brown fur as she jumped up from the bench. 

To say we were confused would be an understatement.

This experience really filled our discussions. Over the couple of days we were there we discovered there is a much older legend to The Princess Stone and each night the skies were clear and we saw some extraordinary movements of light that were not satellites or shooting stars. We also discovered that a bend in the river near the bench was named Deadman’s Pool”

The area that Tim and Mel had their experience in, is well known for its Hairy man reports, which stretch from below Loch Ness all the way to the Moray Firth. Over the years locals to the area have reported seeing tall, hairy, upright walking Creatures that steal fish from nets, there are reports of deer kills being snatched and a number of poachers have had a run for their money. It was this time last year when a strange 7ft tall figure was spotted walking away from a man who was collecting firewood in the Golspie area. 

One man who is not local to the area made this report in October of 2019 – The Loch Ness Bigfoot Account. October 2020 – Witness Report: “Hi Deborah I want to report a recent sighting of what I believe to be a Bigfoot like Creature last October. It’s something I still think about even though it was over 12 months ago. I keep rethinking the incident and trying to explain it away but I can’t. I live in the midlands and drove up to Glasgow to view some machinery for my business.

As it was my first trip to Scotland and after I had finished work I decided I would take a trip to Inverness as I have a bed setup in my van. Whilst I was there I decided to stay overnight and sleep in my van and I ended up parked in a lay-by right next to Loch Ness. I was the only vehicle in the lay-by. It was a pretty normal night until around 12.30 at night when I woke up and I sat up facing the window screen.

I’m not sure what woke me but as I was looking through the window I realised I could see a figure moving around out there. It was moving and I can only describe it as huge. I saw it walk in front of my van. I didn’t see it’s face at any point, I only saw it from the side. I reckon it was about twenty feet from my van and it was at least seven feet tall. It’s arms were really long. Whatever it was it had been to the loch and it walked past my van across the road into the forest which was to my right.

This sighting was enough to make me jump into the driver’s seat and drive off to the nearest car park. Looking at pictures on the internet it looked exactly like a Bigfoot from the side, it was too big to be a man.

During winter 2020 and spring 2021 one of our BBR members who lives not too far from the area visited with a companion and had a look around. The area has everything you need to remain elusive on our Island. it would be easy to live wild here, there are lots of food resources, cover and plenty of water sources. This area is also not too far from the coast and all of the resources that are found there. 

I have added the images taken by our investigator.

In one of the images there does appear to be an anomaly so I included this also.

I would like to thank all of our witnesses for allowing me to share their experiences with you. And a special thanks to our BBR member who braved the woods mentioned in these reports on our behalf.

Until Next Time,

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It was Hyena-like with Red eyes.Gold Hill North Carolina 1970’s

Today’s report came in to BBR from Gold Hill North Carolina and it is a childhood memory about a strange creature with red eyes who would be seen in the child’s bedroom at night. Gold hill is also an area where there are many haunting’s and paranormal happenings deep within the mines that are to be found all over the area, and also in the historical buildings some of which are the same today as they were back in the day.

US Witness Report “I’ve had a lot of weird things happen in my life. Most of them I don’t remember at all. They are totally blanked out. My middle sister can’t understand why I don’t remember these events as I’m the one who fought off a lot of what happened to protect her. She, the poor thing, has never been able to forget a single detail. This particular event I want to share with you happened 35 years ago, just after I’d turned 14. It did not involve my sister, for once. I talked to her about it probably 10 years ago. She had no idea of anything odd that happened at that house.

My Father was a preacher and we moved every other year. Sometimes more frequently. We had just moved from a homeless situation into a new home. Its still there now but the buildings at that location have changed a lot. The configuration isn’t really that important: just that our home was closer to the graveyard than the other buildings. There were woods beside and behind the house which were much closer to the buildings. 

When we first moved in there were some neighbours in a little mobile home on the property just to the south of the house. Their site was really run down, lots of old appliances and crap surrounding it. It was situated inside the trees in a small clearing that was visible from my southern window. My room was on the southwest corner of the house with large, double windows looking south and another set looking west, overlooking the southern end of the graveyard. The graveyard and western windows never bothered me, except when there were critters foraging around in the trash cans under my window. That was merely annoying. The southern windows, though, were very different! In that mobile home lived a man and woman who, it seems to me now, were probably on drugs. They had a couple of large, terrifyingly vicious dogs on seriously heavy chains. They’d never gotten loose as far as I know, but they terrified me. I was sure one particular dog was going to come crashing through my window in the night. I was convinced. It was a deep feeling of knowing it was inevitable. It never happened, of course. I have no idea what breeds they were. They were just huge and they were mean. They were probably abused and certainly neglected. 

Somehow, very soon after we moved in, my dad had the people kicked out and all their stuff cleaned off the land. It must have belonged to the church or I don’t think he could have gotten it done so quickly. One day they were there, the next, everything was gone. The speed and finality was a little frightening. We never saw those people or their dogs again. It didn’t matter. I was still very unhappy about that area and never even looked over there if I could help it. Every single evening, before sundown, I shut my big heavy drapes very snuggly. Not one gap anywhere, ever, and I did not open them again until well after daylight.

There was also a small closet on the southeast corner of the room that I was vaguely unhappy about but for no real reason. I never had childhood fears of closets, just “the witch under the bed” when I was really small. I have no idea where that came from. We didn’t have a television set for most of my growing up years. I never saw stuff like that or heard scary stories of that nature. We never went to anyone’s house because we were always the new kids and we moved away again by the time we started making connections, so there was no influence from other kids at school. And nothing like that was ever talked about at church. That “witch under the bed” fear had long since faded.

I don’t know why I mention the closet because nothing ever happened to it. It’s just part of my memories of that room. Although… Now that I think about it, when I first saw that black thing it was at the corner of the bed closest to that closet. 

The parsonage was a 4-bedroom house, old, but fairly spacious.None of the rest of the house had a weird feeling to me, just my room, and even then, only at night. My double bed was placed under the western set of windows, so the southern ones were on my right. One night after we were all moved in and unpacked and those neighbours were gone, I had just settled into bed when for some reason, I opened my eyes and looked over the foot board. No reason I was aware of: I heard no sounds, I had no feeling. I just opened my eyes and looked. There, moving slowly from the right to the left and then back again, was a dark, flat shape with glowing red eyes. 

It made no noise, it didn’t have a smell, it looked two-dimensional, like it was flat, but somehow I was aware it had depth and substance. My room was very dark with the lights off and I didn’t have a night light, but the darkness of this prowling thing was unlike any black I’ve ever seen before or since. The shape was like a hyena, or a very, very large raccoon: with that weird humped up back, their heads hunched below their shoulders. The glowing red eyes were like large glowing coals. They glowed, but they did not emit light. They did not illuminate anything, not even any part of the thing’s face. And they were very large for the size of the head. Weirdly, I couldn’t discern any difference between the head and the body. I just knew how it would be if I were able to see it. There were no features to the head, the face, or the body. Just the outline of the whole shape and those two eyes. It was not furry looking. It was just a smooth outlined shape of what I interpreted at the time to be a “dog thing”. It seemed canine to me, but for no reason I can pinpoint. It may have been down to my well-established childhood fear of dogs.

I don’t know how long I sat there watching it and I didn’t feel anything: no fear, no panic. One second I was looking at it, the next I was flying up and over my bed to reach the light switch on the wall in front of my bed. I’d jumped in one movement from my bed, over top of the foot board, and I hit the switch as I landed. I never, ever, ever turned that light off again. I didn’t sleep at night the whole two years we lived there. I stuffed a towel under my door so my dad wouldn’t see the light on if he came down to check on things. I sat at my desk and painted all night long, every single night we lived there after that. I’ve never been so artistically productive before or since. And once we left that place I had no trouble sleeping. Even as we lived there, even as I did my nightly routine of gathering my paints and water and stuffing the towel under the door, I never gave that dog-shadow-thing a second thought. Never thought of it again but I never trusted the dark in that room, either. It was gone from my mind, like it had never happened, but it changed everything for me while we lived there. It was years and years later when I thought of that thing again. 

I would like to make this clear: I do not think it was a demon as I understand what people mean when they say that word. I don’t know what it was, but I don’t believe in those kinds of embodiment of evil from hell. As best I can figure, it was something tied to the land. Why it only affected my room I don’t know.

There is something else I just remembered whilst I was writing about the red eyed dog-thing! There had been a one-room schoolhouse (which had probably also been the original church) right behind our home and my bedroom, between my room and the graveyard. We could still see the outline of part of the foundation at/below ground level. An old man at the church told me once that when he was a kid, he had gone to school, seen that it had burned down in the night, returned home, and was whipped for telling his father a lie about the school burning down. His father found out later it was true of course, and I don’t know if they made amends, but that schoolhouse, right at the corner of my bedroom, once burned down and was never rebuilt on that land.

So now I wonder if this black thing was something attached to the land. In my own thinking: not backed up with any research I’ve done specific to this area: there’s a very good chance it had something to do with the original inhabitants of the area who were driven off by European immigrants.

In the last 15 years or so I’ve heard the word shuck. I’m still unclear exactly what is meant by that. Up until then I had never heard of anything like that black thing before. I knew the bible stories about demons of course, being a preacher’s kid, but I’d never really given them any thought. They were as realistic to me as, like, Snow White. Just a story. I didn’t grow up with images of gargoyles or creepy old paintings of hell and demons, or grotesque stained-glass windows. The churches my dad preached in were “modern” and kinda sneered at those kinds of things, so this was not part of my world or my thinking. Weirdly, at the same time, we did have background superstitions of demons and stuff, but they were just something to have a theoretical nervousness about. That’s all. So I had absolutely no idea what that black thing was. I’m sure that helped me deal with it. If I’d already had a name for it and a fear of it I’d probably have been reduced to a blubbering mess I could never have recovered from. 

It never occurred to me to even mention it to my parents. They would have thought I was just trying to get attention. I couldn’t tell my sisters because I was the oldest. No way I was going to freak them out, especially when I had no answers and no way of getting any. So I just painted at night, dragged myself to school, crashed in the afternoon, and painted all night the next night. For two years. The way we left that place was humiliating, the church board kicked my dad out, but it was a relief to be gone.”

I would like to thank our witnesses for allowing us to share their experiences. Without their brave testaments these reports would be lost to obscurity. I am certain there are others out there who have witnessed very similar events.

I will leave you with the questions, Why do certain people seem to attract more than their fair share of activity. And are these events engineered in some way? Or is it the person themselves that is the lone catalyst that sets of the unexplained occurrences?

“He looked like you could touch him? I am still not sure what I saw! Twyford Hampshire

 “Hi Deborah, I listened to your podcast the other night, it was the one where you shared other peoples supernatural experiences. You asked if people had experiences of their own and I wanted to tell you about my experience that happened in the early 1990s. At the time this happened I was riding my horse along a lane in Twyford, Winchester which is in Hampshire. My horse who was normally calm started to play up a bit and he did not want to go along that lane. I checked and I could not see anything that he would be frightened of. As I was looking, a man came down the road and he was on a bike. I would guess he was probably in his 60s. I apologised to him for my horse’s behaviour but he did not acknowledge me in any way, he didn’t even look at me. When he passed by my horse then started to behave normally but I decided to go back to the stables anyway. I turned him around to head back and the man on the bike had disappeared. I did not think much about this as there were two driveways on either side of the lane and he could have gone into either drive. I did not mention this to anyone at the time.

A couple of years ago I got a book that was about ghosts in the Winchester area and I was surprised to see a mention of Twyford. The story that the book recounted was that of a 60 year old man riding a bicycle in the same lane that I had seen the cyclist. The “man” I saw looked “solid” and he looked like you could touch him. I am still not sure what I saw!

When I was about 14 my grandfather passed away but he came back to see me a couple of weeks after he had died. I told my parents about it but they did not believe me.  He looked like a “shadow” with a grey mist around him but I could see his features, I knew it was him. Grampa was not “solid” ; he was translucent. So I am not sure if I saw a real person riding a bike as they looked very different to one another. The man on the bike looked real but my horse was picking up on something strange at the time we saw him. Grampa on the other hand was more see through, but you could tell it was him.”

I would like to thank everyone who contacted me to report their experience, each person that shares helps someone else come forward, I for one would like to ensure we give everyone a place to voice their truth.

Until next time, Deborah

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DEATH RIDDLE Mystery as missing Brit dad, American wife, baby and dog are found dead on hiking trail as hazmat cops swoop on scene

A British dad, his American wife, their baby and their dog have been found dead in mysterious circumstances on a hiking trail in a US national park. Jonathan Gerrish, Ellen Chung and their one-year-old daughter Muji were found on Tuesday evening in a remote area of the Sierra National Forest in California.

A family friend said that she last saw the family on Saturday and were reported missing by a relative on Monday. Authorities located the family’s car near the Sierra National forest gate the same day. Their bodies were located two miles from their car in an area with no phone reception.

Police are treating the scene as a hazmat scene, Kristie Mitchell, a spokeswoman for Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office said. The area where the bodies were found sits atop multiple disused gold mines with the local sheriff’s office suggesting carbon monoxide effusion from the mines as a possible cause of death. “It could be a carbon monoxide situation. That’s one of the reasons why we’re treating it as a hazmat situation,” she said.

Another explanation for the “bizarre situation” could be the family’s possible exposure to toxic algae, police reported. The recovery team will be “taking precautions” for any poisonous gases in the area, officials said although none have yet been found.

Yorkshire -Dog Ghosts, White Ladies and a Feeling of being pursued.

A Woman is shocked after capturing photo of ghost dog which haunts Roundhay Park, April 2019 – Stephanie Smith was taking a picture of Roundhay’s Park’s Victorian Castle. Although enjoyable, nothing paranormal or strange happened on the visit.  But on looking at the pictures at home, Stephanie noticed a strange shadowy figure in the corner.

After zooming in and lightening the image, the Leeds mum spotting what looks like a ‘demonic’ dog lurking in the shadows looking at a man walking up the steps towards the folly. Stephanie believes the huge black dog is a ‘gytrash’ , an old Yorkshire word for the strange canine creatures that have been reported here for centuries. The large black creature has been described by some as being the ‘size of a pony and is said to be a foreboding omen scaring unsuspecting walkers.

Stephanie, who works as a cleaner, said: “I froze when I realised the shadow was some sort of animal. It took me a moment to figure out what it was but once I could see the head, ears, tail, and legs, there was no mistaking it was a demon dog. “It’s monstrous, almost like a werewolf, and the worst part is that it’s in a position like it’s going to pounce which terrifies me. It’s like it was hiding away from the light – like I’d caught it off guard.”

Roundhay Park’s folly was built in 1811 by local builder George Nettleton, In 2015, a family snapped a picture showing the outline of a woman on the monument’s steps.

A Family holiday snap is photo-bombed by ‘ghost’ of woman at the castle folly, April 2015 – Post office worker Nurul Islam, 37, took the photograph at Easter of his niece and nephew standing in front of the castle folly, but when he looked at the image there appeared to be a figure standing on steps in the background. Mr Islam said his family were shocked when they saw the image, which appears to show a figure wearing a cloak walking up the steps with an arm outstretched.

The castle isn’t too old but who knows who lived there before? Because people were standing on the steps and walking about, we waited for them to move on before we took any pictures. We waited for a clear point when no-one was there as the kids  wanted to hold their hands together. That’s why we’re sure there was no-one there. I didn’t think anything of it and took a few more shots.

‘Then when we got home and looked at the photos we saw this thing at the back of the kids on the steps that wasn’t there before. My sister said “Oh my God it’s a ghost”. I’ve started to think it might be.’ 

In a forum named Secret Leeds I came across this report from a local man in the area.

A Feeling of being Watched, Fri 29 Apr, 2011 10:45 pm – Jim: “I live quite close to Roundhay Park and go there more or less every day with the dog or with the kids. I can be there any time during the day and don’t think anything of walking the dog there after dark. 

Now then, ghosts, the supernatural, etc: I just don’t believe in it, but I want to share something that happened to me on a Monday evening that has not left my mind since. I normally enter the park via the woods just up from the Upper Lake and I usually skirt the golf course on our walk. That night, dusk was falling, I took the dog around the Upper Lake and started for home re-tracing our walk through the woods. By then it was getting dark but I could still see ahead of me and around me. 

As I was about 15-20 metres from the gate on Park Lane, I suddenly sensed something watching me. It was a curious feeling, not one I’d really felt before, but I perceived whatever it was, was watching me. Less than a second later after this initial feeling, I suddenly realised that whatever was watching me was very close to me, examining me. 

Probably for the first time in my life, I felt real fear, spine-tingling, hair raising fear. My eyes were even filled with tears. I didn’t run, but I definitely quickened my step. 

I didn’t see, feel, hear or smell anything, I was ‘perceiving’ something and this something was in close pursuit of me until I was out onto Park Lane. In short, I was completely spooked. I noticed the dog for a couple of days afterwards was not himself, he was reticent and jumpy. I’m quite a sceptic and normally laugh at stories like this. I’ve been back a few times since then during the day, walking the dog, with my family and had no ‘perceptions’ at all, but I still cannot get that initial fright out of my mind. Jim.

Ex M.O.D worker states “I saw a Figure that was Black Jump over a Field Banking. 2018.

Witness Report: “Hi Deborah, I used to work in many of the remote parts of the UK, security checking MOD structures. I would also visit locked Sites/unused camps and the odd Hut in the middle of nowhere. I have seen things out there that were really strange, even the odd figure but I dismissed them as an ignorant person, who was just walking around who never spoke. I just used to think maybe he/she was on a hike. And they passed me by on a dark moorland track.

So 45 years later I am retired and I have been lucky enough to move so I now live in Wales. I was at a friend’s Home and she had just bought a Digger. It was on Wheels and it works by pulling itself along with the arm, in a lift and drag motion. In the summer of 2018 I was digging a drainage ditch using the digger, near to home.

I became aware I was being watched and I turned around ‘as you do’ when someone is staring at you. Maybe it is a sixth sense. I saw a dark figure standing in the next field below an opening between a tree and a gap in the hedge. It was standing there on two legs like a human. It was Black from head to foot. It!? Jumped into the field banking that was on its right side. It looked just like a sheet of plastic that was blown away. I just got off the digger and walked down there for a look. I saw nothing there but the hedge back at that time was riddled with barbed wire. (I’ve cut it all out and scrapped it since then. At an estimate It must be several feet between the two fields, which I would say is a five foot banking with trees, tangled Laburnum and barbed wire in abundance. I had a really good look but it had Vanished. No person could do what it did, no human could do that.

Since then but still in the same year I saw a pale figure that was peering through the bushes further across the field. My friend had been down there clearing horse muck, something she did daily. She was so busy she didn’t notice the tall figure watching. It was tall with a flat head and cat-like (Large eyes). But I did, I was around 70 yds away. I got a fuzzy picture of it as quickly as I could. I thought it was a Large Feline of some kind. But I changed my mind two days later when I saw an upright tall figure that was walking with its head looking down. What I saw ran off as I said loudly “I’ve seen you”! I have not seen anything since then. But it unnerves me. I don’t go down there at night anymore! I always feel like I’m being Watched?

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